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Holy hell, how I loved 'Fierce Attachments'! And yes please can I have a blanching tutorial?

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Of course you already knew the book. Not surprised <3.


Heat a big pot of salted water to boil. Each veg will take a different amount of time:

- Potatoes: if they're tiny, they'll take about 15 mins; they'll swim to the top when they're done (!!) and should be fork-tender.

- Turnips: should take about 10 mins and be fork-tender

- Asparagus: drop them in and remove them within 2 minutes!

- Peas: super fresh peas don't even need a blanch; you can eat them raw. If you prefer to cook, though, blanch for 1 minute.

- Carrots: halve them lengthwise and blanch for about 3 minutes

- Cauliflower: pull into florets and blanch for about 4 minutes; test the stem to see if it's fork-tender, then pull

- Favas: similar to peas! Blanch for about 1 minute, then pull off the outer skin

What am I missing?!

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